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Contractor Responsibility Program Questionnaire Respondents

Below is a list of respondents to LAWA's Requests for Bids and Requests for Proposals who are required to submit a Questionnaire pursuant to the Contractor Responsibility Program.

Questionnaires submitted by Bidders/Proposers are available for public review and comment at Procurement Services Division, 7301 World Way West, Los Angeles, during the dates indicated below. To schedule an appointment for review, please contact the Procurement Services Division at (424) 646-5380.

Project NameBid NumberCompany NameAddressReview Start DateReview End Date
Intelligence Analyst Services 201710042566Praescient Analytics, LLC635 Slaters Lane,STE200,Alexandria,VA223147/18/20178/1/2017
Intelligence Analyst Services 201710042566SRA International, Inc.15036 ConferenceCenterDr, Chantilly,VA201517/18/20178/1/2017
On Call Special Investigative Services/Training8053Law Office of Roberta M. Yang171 N. ChurchLane,STE308,LosAngeles,CA900497/20/20178/3/2017
On Call Special Investigative Services/Training8053RJN Investigations, Inc.8033 W.SunsetBlvd,STE855,LosAngeles,CA900467/20/20178/3/2017
Designated Aviation Channeling Services 201710042636Transportation Security Clearinghouse601 MadisonST, STE400, Alexandria, VA 223147/18/20178/1/2017
Designated Aviation Channeling Services 201710042636Telos Identity Management Solutions19886 AshburnRd, Ashburn, VA 201477/18/20178/1/2017
LAX Gateway Pylon Glass Re-Bid117-042A to Z Glass and Mirror5821 E.BeverlyBlvd, LosAngeles, CA 900227/25/20178/8/2017
LAX Gateway Pylon Glass Re-Bid117-042Giroux Glass, Inc.850 W.WashingtonBlvd,STE200,LosAngeles,CA900157/25/20178/8/2017
LAX Gateway Pylon Glass Re-Bid117-042Graffiti Shield, Inc.2940 E.LaPalmaAve,STE D, Anaheim,CA928067/25/20178/8/2017
Intelligence Analyst Services 201710042566Cencore, LLC240 W.Center ST, STE150,Orem, Utah 840577/18/20178/1/2017


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